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We manufacture wide variety of fabrics for many purposes such as for school, college, institution and universities etc, whatever your design we will make final end product same as your design, upload your design on the upload option and get the quotation. We are one of the leading supplier on global level for manufacturing school uniforms, school clothes and accessories, girls uniforms, kids uniforms etc. Our team is composed of highly qualified Graphic Desiginers in order to create your raw uploaded design, into a fully functional design whether a design is 2D or 3D.

Product Specifications:

  • Color:

     Available in all Colors

  • Gender:


  • Material:

      Simple | Satan | Nylon | Name Fabrics | White PP etc.

  • Measurement:

      Available in / meter and / kg

  • Minimum Order:

     100 piece .

  • Delivery:

     World wide

  • Indian Market:

     5 to 25 / meter | 225 to 420 / kg

  • International Market:

     1 to 3 / meter | 5 to 15 / kg

  • Shipping Charge:


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