ID Cards

We provide Identification cards, ID card holders, ID card cord and ID badges etc, to many different types of sector such as school, organisation, industries etc. There are numerous types of ID cards available such as RFID ID card usesd for Biometric, PVC made ID cards, Cardboard made ID cards, Lacqured ID card, Plastic Paper ID card, Medium size ID cards specially for fest and concert etc. The firm is one of the best and leading manufacturer firm of all type of accessories.We will customize your design on your product also. Our team is composed of highly qualified Graphic Desiginers in order to create your raw uploaded design, into a fully functional design whether a design is 2D or 3D.

Product Specifications:

  • Color:

     Available in all Colors

  • Gender:


  • Material:

     PVC | Sheets | RIFD etc.

  • Size:


  • Minimum Order:

     100 piece .

  • Delivery:

     World wide

  • Indian Market:

      20 - 100 per piece

  • International Market:

      1 - 5 per piece

  • Shipping Charge:


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